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LET black tears flow

Cuba is a place where people don’t hold back, where people express their true emotions. We want to tell the world the whole truth and nothing but the Cuban truth. Down to the seductive spices, the emotional blend and the passionate craftsmanship. Black Tears is all about emotions and it is inspired by the Cuban song Lagrimas Negras that tells the story of a young woman who sobbed into a vat of rum, filling it with her sorrow. This bottle is packed with emotions to celebrate the Cuba of today.

emotional truth

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about black tears

our heritage

The Cuban way of living through emotions is reflected in everything they do. The way they make music and the way they socialize. They do it all with true emotions, with their soul. Holding nothing back. Black Tears is a true Cuban product of love inspired by the Cuban way of living.

The Cuban passion is reflected in every step of the Black Tears production. From the carefully selected seductive spices, to the connection to Cuban Vigia – a seal of high-quality rum.

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Black Tears is an emotional blend of Cuban rum and seductive Cuban spices. Based on a Silver Dry rum from one of the best distilleries on the island, Black Tears is the first ever dry Spiced Cuban Rum on the global market.

The bittersweet taste is what sets apart Black Tears from all other spiced rums, as well as its low sugar content, which is typical for Cuban rum. It is spiced with coffee and cacao which have played a large hand in Cuba’s history and aji dulce which is one of the most distinctive flavors in Cuban cuisine.

Black Tears is bright and clear, smoldering with cool golden intensity. It has a gentle and mysterious sweetness of cocoa accompanying the punch of coffee on the finish, along with the lingering, peppery trace of spice. The result is a very elegant and well-balanced spiced rum.

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Our collection of drinks is serving you the very essence of true emotions, no matter the occasion.
Allow your taste buds to be seduced by this passionate craftsmanship. What is alive in you today? Have your pick and let black tears flow.

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Devender Sehgal, head bartender at Hong Kong’s 3-star Michelin restaurant 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA, shares the secrets of his adopted home.

Is so hot in Cuba that this is the only effective way to cool off 🌴 ...

45ml Black Tears
20ml Aperol
10ml Bristol Syrups Demerara Syrup
5ml Giffard Liqueur Au Piment D’ Espelette
45ml fresh pineapple juice
15ml fresh squeezed lime juice
Dash of Ms Betters Bitters chocolate bitters
Garnish: pineapple leaf, dehydrated pineapple, starlino cherry

Shake all with ice for 20 seconds, strain into a glass filled with cracked ice

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We wish you a happy wednesday with this Cuban Spiced Mojito, yummy 🤩

50ml Black Tears
20ml Sugar Syrup
25ml Lime Juice
Dash of Angostura bitters
8 Mint leaves
Soda Water
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If you know a bartender tag him/her in this post and let him/her know how much do you miss his cocktails 🍹

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"“Berry Kiss”
Summer cocktail recommended by the bartender-mixologist
4cl Black Tears
2cl mastic
2cl fresh lime juice
2cl raspberry sirop fabbri
Top un with pink Grapefruit soda shake + top up
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Keisuke Yamamoto, the man behind Bee’s Knees in Kyoto, Tokyo’s Jeremiah, and Yokohama’s Newjack, guides us through Yokohama, with a Black Tears cocktail too. To se the full interview
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"🍹Twiddling your thumbs at home?😜 Put them to use and create a cocktail masterpiece with the “Pear & Parline” imagined by @mcchiem at @ps40bar . Tag to challenge someone
Looking for the recipe or bottle of Black Tears?🤔 #linkinbio"

Aki Wang, of Taipei’s noted Indulge Experimental Bistro, shares how to enjoy his home city—and a Black Tears cocktail too. To see the full interview 👉 👈 ...

"🍹Twiddling your thumbs at home?😜 Put them to use and create a cocktail masterpiece with the “Maria Soto Robbins” imagined by @therumambassador Tag to challenge someone
Looking for the recipe or bottle of Black Tears?🤔 #linkinbio"

With Black Tears, you can test Cuba from anywhere in the world 🌎

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"🍹Twiddling your thumbs at home?😜 Put them to use and create a cocktail masterpiece with the “Back To Black” imagined by @sage_and_pineapple head bartender at @operationdagger in Singapore. Tag to challenge someone
Looking for the recipe or bottle of Black Tears?🤔 #linkinbio"

Giacomo Giannotti @giacomoloris_ , owner of Barcelona’s Paradiso bar and lab @paradiso_barcelona , shares the secrets of his adopted home—and a Black Tears cocktail, too. Read the full article ...

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